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Accessibility features

City of Bristol College’s site includes a number of accessibility features:

  • Each link in the utility navigation (e.g. online services, jobs, freedom of information, terms and conditions) has an accessible key based on its first letter
  • Each link in the main navigation (e.g. about us, courses, plan for college) has an accessible key. This is the number based on their position in the tree
  • Each breadcrumb has an accessibility key number which follows the sequence from the main navigation
  • All buttons have an accessibility key
  • All content on this site renders on mobile devices (however pages are not yet mobile optimised)

Text size

If you would like to view information in a larger font you can adjust your browser to provide a larger text size. Visit BBC My Web My Way for advice on how to increase the text size.

External site links

Where we include links to external websites we take no responsibility for the content of those websites. Contact us if we link to anything incorrect or inaccessible.

Course search

The course search on the homepage ‘find a course now’ allows you to search for a course using a drop down list of subject areas or by keyword. However we recommend you use the course search on the courses page.


College centres and international student profiles are displayed as reference points on Google maps. The centres pages are also accessible from the navigation.

Non-English language

A number of pages in the international students section are available in Vietnamese, Hindi and Chinese (Mandarin). You will also find a Google translate function on these pages.

Browser support

City of Bristol College’s website has been designed to operate on a range of browsers.

  • Internet Explorer (IE) v7 and above
  • Firefox v3 and above
  • Safari v 5 and above
  • Google Chrome v14 and above


We have tried to minimise the use of PDFs (Portable Document Format) on this site. The PDFs we do link to are generally official documents, meeting minutes or forms.

To view a PDF file you can:

• Download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website and install it onto your computer. You can then save the PDF file

• Use an online conversion tool. Go to the Adobe Acrobat website, type in the address of a PDF file and it will translate the file into a more readable format

• Email the address of the file (or the file itself) to Adobe, and they will email you a translation

The Adobe Acrobat translations may not be as clearly formatted as the original PDF file.

Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, please contact us