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We run a comprehensive programme of professional development courses which can help you to develop expertise in key vocational areas such as:

    • Marketing
    • Leadership and management
    • Accountancy
    • Human resources
    • Law

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A new way to pay

This year the UK Government has introduced 24+ Advanced Learning Loans, a new way for adults to pay for courses*.

If you are aged 24 or over and starting a course at Level 3 or 4, either on or after 1 August 2013, you may now have three options for paying your tuition fees:

  • Pay the tuition fees yourself
  • Your employer/sponsor pays the tuition fees for you
  • Apply for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan to cover the tuition fees*

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* 24+ Advanced Learning Loans are available on certain courses only, please check the eligibility of your course before applying.