Animal Care, Floristry & Horticulture

Animal Care, Floristry & Horticulture

Discover... a world of options for hands-on learning

Are you passionate about the natural environment? Do you love being outdoors and hate the idea of an office-based job? If your interests sit outside traditional academic subjects, then we have a range of courses to suit you.

Animal Care

Lifelong animal lover? Our Animal Care courses can teach you about animal health, welfare and behaviour. Your studies could take you out to work in pet shops, wildlife centres, animal shelters and local community projects to experience the handling and feeding of farm and exotic animals.


Got a flair for foliage? Our Floristry courses can teach you how to identify and arrange flowers and plants, whilst giving you direct experience of working within a retail floristry business, designing creative shop displays and delivering full-scale event floristry.


Or maybe you’re a green-=fingered enthusiast, never happier than when you're working outdoors with your hands? Our Horticulture courses can teach you all you need to know about organic gardening, understanding soils, growing plants and maintaining green spaces.

Progression potential

You could become:

an Animal Care Worker ... Florist ... Gardener ... Grounds Maintenance Worker ... Horticultural Scientist ... Horticulture Manager ... Horticulture Therapist ... Kennel Worker ... Landscape Designer and Architect ... or Stable Hand