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About the course

This course is for people who are in, or who aspire to senior management positions. It covers a wide range of management areas, both 'soft' skills and technical knowledge, from a strategic viewpoint. The course content draws on a wide range of management theory and practice, which is then developed and evaluated in class discussion and activities. This is a widely recognised and highly-valued professional qualification for managers. 

Entry Requirements

Although a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Management Studies is the principal entry requirement for this course, applicants with a relevant degree (eg Business), or with substantial senior management experience will also be welcome.

Students usually need one or more of the following:

  • A Level 5 Management qualification
  • A Business-related degree
  • Substantial experience in a management role
  • Learners must be employed by an organisation to complete assignments
What will I do on this course?

There are nine units in this qualification including:

  • Personal Development as a Strategic leader
  • Strategic Performance Management
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Information Management
  • Conducting a Strategic Management Project
  • Organisational Direction
  • Plus 3 other units 
Who is it for?

This course appeals equally to people who are building a powerful management strand on their CV, or to those who wish to gain accreditation for their experience and achievements to date. Successful candidates will come from a wide range of vocational areas, and backgrounds.

How to apply

Call: 0117 312 5171

How Is this course assessed?

All modules are assessed by coursework - there are no examinations. Some modules are assessed by an assignment based on the workplace. Others are based on case-studies or practical tasks. A typical assessment for a unit would be to produce a strategic plan for human resources. Most reports have a suggested word count of 3,000 - 3,500 words. Support and guidance is given on the research skills needed on the course.

What could I do next?

This course can be upgraded to a Post Graduate Diploma by the study of further CMI units at Level 7. Other alternatives:  

  • MBA at the University of Bath or Gloucester
  • MSc in Strategic Management at the University of Bristol
  • Various other post-graduate (ie Masters Degree) Awards 

 You will need an interview for this course.  To arrange an interview please contact, or call 0117 312 5171 



How old will you be when the course starts?

16-18 19+
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