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About the course

It teaches you the fundamentals of how to use 3Ds Max / Max Design software for: building / product modelling, 3D computer visualisation, game / film use, animation and rendering. Learning is through hands on use of 3Ds Max / Max Design, under the guidance of an Autodesk Approved Instructor. Some basic CAD experience is preferred, but not essential. This is a flexi course - you will be able to book 20 sessions with your dedicated tutor to use within 12 months of booking.

Entry Requirements

You will need an interview for this course. Interviews are held  every Tuesday (term time only) at 4pm in the CAD room at College Green (Room 6W9). You don't need to book in advance, but allow at least 1 hour as the time required depends on the number of interviewees who arrive on the day.

  • good understanding of English & maths
  • the ability to use Windows based computers confidently
  • knowledge of another 3D CAD program e.g. Inventor, Sketchup, etc.
  • completed the AutoCAD 2DL3 course
  • a suitable aptitude for 3D work based on previous experience
  • are a capable user of AutoCAD
What will I do on this course?

You will learn how to create and render designs, models and characters in a 3D visualization environment, covering core elements such as:

  • User Interface, Gizmos, Command Panel
  • Modelling, concepts and workflows, AEC / Graphite Modelling tools
  • Basic animation, Keyframing, Track view , Curve Editor
  • Character Poly modelling
  • Materials, textures and UV mapping
  • Lighting and Rendering
Who is it for?

This course is for the aspiring  game / film artists, or advanced CAD user who wants to develop their career into 3D visualisation. It is a cross industry course suitable for architects, designers and engineers, game and film artists  as well as other aspiring visualisation specialists. 

How Is this course assessed?

Through a mini project of your choice - to be agreed with your instructor, that demonstrates the skills you have learnt. 

What could I do next?
  • CAD: 3D Max, Advanced 3D Modelling and Rendering  - Level 4
  • CAD: Using Inventor, Autodesk's CAD/CAM/CAE modeller
  • CAD: Using Revit, Autodesk's 3D BIM modeller

 You will need an interview for this course 



How old will you be when the course starts?

16-18 19+
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