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About the course

The course aim is to introduce programming in theory and as practical skill. The Python programming language is used during the course but skills learnt are fully transferable and can be applied to other programming languages. 

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements but delegates should be familiar with the use of Personal Computers.

Learners are required to bring along a 2GB or larger USB memory stick (also known as a flash or thumb drive) to store their work on. Learners can also bring their own laptops to work from, although the required software is Windows only. Students may choose to download Python IDE or Nopepad++ software in advance to ensure that they can fully benefit from the course.

What will I do on this course?

The course encompasses two main elements:

1. Taking the problem and translating it into design

2. Implementing the design in the Python programming language

The technical aspects covered during the course include:

  • Basic structure of a programming language
  • Data structures and types; looping and branching
  • String handling
  • Console Input/ Output
  • Functions
  • File handling
  • Graphical interface Design
Who is it for?

This course is for people who wish to learn the basics in Software Development. Upon completion students will be able to design and implement basic computer programs.

How Is this course assessed?

You will be asked to produce a short program.

What could I do next?

You can use this to help as Continous Professional Development or look to do additional coding courses that develop skills in new languages. 



How old will you be when the course starts?

16-18 19+
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