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About the course

The Designing for interiors course is delivered in 2 parts, a fundamentals and an intermediate. They are intended for complete beginners, or those with some basic experience of the subject or with and Art & Design background.

The parts are delivered separately, but ideally both parts would be would need to be taken in order to gain a fuller understanding of the subject. 

We run occurrences through the year and allow for those who have completed the fundamentals to do the intermediate after completion.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.Ideally you would have completed the fundamentals course first, but we accept students to join the intermediate without completion of the fundamentals, but would expect some previous understanding or knowledge of the subject.


What will I do on this course?

The intermediate course is intended for students who have completed the fundamentals course and wish to extend their knowledge of interior design. It would also be suitable for students with some prior creative experience. You will have the opportunity to produce a complete interior scheme, from client brief to presentation using aspects of the history of interiors and architectural styles as a source of inspiration. During these sessions we will study:

  • The development of the house plan
  • Structure and interior styles of 18th & 19th-century houses
  • 20th-century modernism
  • Using above as a source of inspiration we will:
  • Design and present a complete room scheme
  • Work to a client brief
  • Produce a scale plan and layout
  • Resource finishes and fittings
  • Produce mood and samples boards

You will be taught how to

  • explore the world of interiors
  • understand what interior designer's job is and what kind might be suitable for you
  • get creative
  • talk to clients and understand their needs
  • turn creative ideas into a presentable format
Who is it for?

It is suitable for complete beginners or for anyone with previous experience who would like to extend their skills in this area and learn more about the principles of interior design.

How to apply

To enrol please call 0117 312 5000 or call into one of our centres.

How Is this course assessed?

You will produce practical work and build a portfolio around a professional scenario within the context of the subject.

What could I do next?

You can explore a wide range of other creative courses offered by college including CAD design course which would enable you to computerise your visual designs.


Additional cost

You may need to purchase magazines and some extra items.

It is advisable to have a sketchbook.


No interview is necessary.



How old will you be when the course starts?

16-18 19+
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