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About the course

The diploma introduces you to basic Creative Digital Media practices, skills and techniques. You will have the opportunity to work with interesting and diverse projects whilst gaining a valid understanding of the subject. You will experiment with your ideas, look at the work media practitioners in a variety of disciplines, such as film, digital graphics, animation, web, games design and advertising. You will build a creative portfolio throughout the year and showcase your skills. You will be given the chance to develop your skills and self-confidence in a mature, friendly and safe environment. 

The course is broad and allows you to explore a range of digital media disciplines, and help you progress to one of our level 3 courses in Creative Arts & Media.

This course is part of a wider study programme, which includes a tutorial and personal development element, work experience opportunities through outside set projects and design challenges, development of English and Maths Skills through embedded activities.

Entry Requirements

Our entry requirements for level 2 is least 4 GCSEs or equivalents at D Grade including at least either Maths and English at GCSE or Functional Skills. We can also consider successful completion of an Level 1 vocational qualification. As the course is has level 1 criteria, we can look at lower entry requirements depending on individual circumstances.

What will I do on this course?

Specialist units will provide you with basic and creative skills in Digital Media as well as research into a range of Media Practitioners, You will have the opportunity to work on a personal project and showcase your newly developed skills within the subject.  

  • Advertising
  • Media Publication
  • Film Making
  • Animation
  • Games Design

We will help you develop your English and Maths skills, as well as your skills in digital media production. The course includes functional skills and vocational linked projects to help develop English, Maths, communication, organisation and presentation.

Who is it for?

If you interested in digital art and media, such as film games design and animation, but had very little experience with the subject area then this may be the right start for you. This course has been designed especially for students who want to develop creative media skills. You do not need any have any previous art qualifications to enroll onto this course. You will gain nationally recognised qualifications whilst doing something you really enjoy and build your confidence in working in the broad subject of Creative Media.

  • School Leavers with below D grades of equivalents
  • Over 19s returning to education (subject to funding - see additional costs)
How Is this course assessed?

Your work will be assessed through written and practical means. You will present the work in work folders, digital blogs and in different practical formats. You will be assessed on you development and outcomes. Regular portfolio assessment throughout the year, by which you will always know how you are progressing on course and given many opportunities to improve your performance.

There are 2 externally assessed units as part of this course, which are undertaken in a controlled environment.

Assessments in English and Maths at a level appropriate to you and are taken in small groups in classrooms. 

What could I do next?

Successful achievement of a level 2 programme can open up all a range of subject areas to you, even if they are not related to Creative Media. The most common progression from the level 2 Diploma is on to one of our creative Level 3 programmes:

You can also move onto another level 2 course and explore new areas of the creative sectors, such as Art & Design.

As part of your tutorial aspect on the course, your tutors will work with you to help you in your desired progression route, regardless of what this is.

Additional cost

The course is free to anyone between the age of 16-18. If you are 19-23, there may be funding or concessions available, but this is on a case by case basis. If you are over 24 then the course will not be funded and full fees will apply. Anyone over 19 should contact the college before making an application, so we can provide you with some initial advice and guidance.

There is no formal kit list for consumables, but financial support is available through the learner support fund. Applications can be made through the college's Learner Services team.


The course will require an interview, which will aim to assess your abilities and judge if the level of learning is right for you. We aim to offer all applicants a place where applicable, and can look at enrolment onto a less demanding qualification for those learners who are between levels 1 & 2. 

You will be invited to an interview where you will meet staff and see our facilities. If you have a examples of work, please bring it with you to showcase any creative work.

Please bring with you a report from your school if you have one available. At your interview, you will be given an opportunity to discuss your personal progression route and given impartial advice and guidance on how to achieve your goals.

If you cannot attend your interview, you can contact the college to re-arrange. If getting to the college for an interview is not possible, we can arrange a Skype interview.



How old will you be when the course starts?

16-18 19+
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