Sport, Fitness, Public Services & Outdoor Adventure

Sport, Fitness, Public Services & Outdoor Adventure

Discover... How to turn your active lifestyle into a career

If you love being active, and feel the need to keep moving, then there are a whole host of ways you can use your fitness for a living. Since the 2012 Olympic Games pushed sport even higher on the national agenda, there’s never been a better time to turn your passion for an active lifestyle into a career.

Working in a sport-related job can boost your confidence, boost your health, and boost your self-esteem. What are you waiting for?

Our expert tutors are at the top of their game, and their energy is infectious. Studying with us means you’ll get the chance to compete in national competitions like the Ten Tors challenge.

Sport and fitness

Sport is a massive economy contributing more than £6 billion to the Treasury every year. Sport and recreation as a whole employs more than 621,000 people in 3,000 private health clubs and over 2,500 leisure centres in the UK. An additional 800 clubs are expected to open over the next few years.

You could learn how to train others by studying personal training or fitness instruction. Or alternatively if you fancy caving, canoeing, rock climbing and leading others on exciting expeditions for a living, an outdoor adventure course is for you.

Outdoor Adventure

If you have an interest in adventurous sport, our Outdoor Adventure courses are perfect for you. Not only will you be participating in activities designed to keep you mentally and physically fit, but you will have plenty of opportunities to gain experience in leading an outdoor activity session, planning and running a sports event and taking part in expeditions and work experience. You will also learn all about anatomy and physiology for exercise, while gaining the Maths, IT and English skills that employers need.

Whether it be water or land based, these courses aim to develop not only your physical skills, but your personal and leadership skills, too. From here, you can go on to pursue a career within the outdoor adventure sports industry, or even work towards entry tests in the public service sector. 


Public Services

Public services like the Fire Service, Ambulance Service, Police Force, Army, Royal Navy or Royal Airforce all play a crucial role in the protection of our local and national safety, and offer great opportunities for employment and career progression. Policing and Law Enforcement, for example, employs around 325,000 people in the UK, whilst Fire and Rescue employs around 70,000 service men and women.

Our courses can help prepare you for a career in the Public Services by teaching you a range of skills, including:

• Leadership and teamwork
• Government policies
• Skills for water and land-based activities
• Volunteering qualifications and opportunities

Progression potential

You could become:

... a member of the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Airforce ... Canoe Instructor ... Coastguard ... Customs Officer ... Expedition Leader ... Fire Fighter ... Fitness Coach ... Outdoor Adventure Instructor ... Paramedic ... Police Officer ... Private Investigator ... Probation Officer ... or Rock Climbing Instructor ...