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About the course

If you have proven experience in the health and social care sector and are working at a supervisory level, this Apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge. It includes on-the-job training, working in any type of health and social care setting. You will also attend College for one day a week where you will cover topics including: personal development in adult social care settings; and safeguarding and protection in health and social care.

Entry Requirements

  • A job providing you with a minimum of 30 hours of work per week and paying a minimum of £3.30 per hour

Desirable Requirements:

  • English GCSE Grade C/D
  • ICT GCSE Grade C/D
  • Maths GCSE Grade C/D
What will I do on this course?

You will attend college to complete your Functional Skills and HSC Certificate for one day a week. The HSC Certificate is the underpinning knowledge for the HSC Diploma. The Diploma is made up of mandatory and optional units which will be assessed by written tasks, tests and observations of you in your workplace.

  • Diploma in Health and Social Care
  • Certificate in Health and Social Care
  • Employer rights and responsibility
  • Functional Skills Maths
  • FunctionalSkills English
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
Who is it for?

If you are friendly, active and interested in Health and Social Care then perhaps this course will be of interest to you. If you are ready to learn but worried about the pace of the qualification, the apprenticeship route could be the ideal way of developing your skills

How to apply

Apply online

How Is this course assessed?

You will be observed in the workplace and will gather evidence to prove you can do the job at a Level 3 standard. You will complete set assignments to prove your knowledge of the profession and tests to prove your ability to apply English and Maths in everyday situations. Reviews are completed with your employer giving feedback on your progress.

What could I do next?

Possible progression to Higher Education


You will need an interview for this course



How old will you be when the course starts?

16-18 19+
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