Course overview

Supported Internship City of Bristol College

This one-to-two-year programme is for students who are working towards finding paid employment.

This course will help you achieve the employment and learning goals in your Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

This course includes our Pre-supported Internships, Project Search and Supported Internship models.

Additional information

Who is this course for?

This programme is for students who have an EHCP. It is for individuals who are working towards finding paid employment.

What you'll learn

You will get a real experience of employment.

This course includes lessons in:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Employability.

You may gain skills in IT, personal and social development, and independent living.

Course entry requirements

This course is for students aged 19 and over.

  • Must have an EHCP
  • Must be willing to be embedded in an external employer with support that is gradually withdrawn placed with work placement outside the college
  • Must provide at least one reference (work based if possible)
  • Must be able to use public transport independently on familiar routes
  • Must provide a personal statement which should include:
    • A – details of work previous work experience
    • B – Why an internship has been applied for
    • C – the skills and qualities that the applicant can bring to the programme

How is the course delivered and assessed?

You will receive specialised, targeted support. We offer small group sizes and specialist teachers.

You will have a personal tutor who will review your learning objectives and set you targets. These will link to your Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and other planned outcomes.

Additional costs

As a City of Bristol College student, you may incur additional costs to attend your course. For example, it is likely you may need to pay for travel and stationery.

Many courses offer learning opportunities that you may need to pay for. This may include things like study visits and visiting speakers. We will let you know in advance if there will be additional costs.

If you are on a limited income, you may be able to receive help from our Learner Support Funding Bursary.

  • Career Coach
    For guidance on which career path to take, to explore career options related to our courses, find out which careers are in demand, and then get the training you need.

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