Discover …. The formula for success

Forget how Maths may have made you feel when you were younger. Maths is fun, it's beautiful - and it's incredibly useful. The clarity and order of maths plays an invisible role in the world around us, leading the development of science, medicine, economics or engineering. An understanding of Mathematics helps you understand the world.

Vital skills

Our range of Mathematics courses will help you build up the basics – number skills, money and measurements – and take you all the on to understanding data, probability, statistics. You’ll also gain the vital qualifications that you need for further study or to take the next step in your career.

Employers love the sharp analytical and logical reasoning skills that mathematicians bring to an organisation. You'll find mathematicians working in all kinds of industries – business, finance, education, medicine.

Our courses

We offer courses at a variety of levels, with GCSEs, AS and A Level courses available in Maths and Further Maths (AS/A Level only) . If you need to build up your skills first, then there is also a big range of Improve your Maths and Maths Skills certificates.

So if you like solving problems, taking the logical approach and expanding your mind, we’re here to help you discover where maths can take you.

Progression Potential

You could become … a teacher, architect, physicist, astronomer, lab technician, chemist, economist, or an accountant.