Retail & Logistics

Retail & Logistics

Discover... a career that requires you to solve problems every day

Are you an excellent problem solver and a quick thinker, able to make the most of resources and think logically?

Retail and logistics is all about getting goods from A to B and managing everything in between. If you’re a born leader who works well under pressure and loves to travel, you could find real job satisfaction in this fast-moving area.

Retail is the largest private sector employer in the UK with 428,000 businesses and 4.3 million employees. The retail industry contributed £151 billion to UK economic output in 2012, 16% of the total.

The Logistics sector is vital part of the UK economy, worth over £93 billion. Incredibly, one in twelve working people in the UK work in logistics - that's 2.3 million people spanning some 196,000 companies.

All forms of transport are involved in distributing freight – road, rail, air, sea and waterways. Moving goods to their destinations can put great pressure on people and processes, especially during periods of high demand such as Christmas and summer when the supply chain is stretched. 

Working in this sector can throw up new challenges all the time, requiring you to think on your feet. Good people skills are essential – whether you'e working in warehousing and storage, business administration, customer service, sales or retail.

Our courses can equip you with the skills you need to take a direct route into one of the many careers in this sector.