Skills for Work, Life & Further Study

Skills for Work, Life & Further Study

Discover... the right skills to help you move forward

Have you left school and are wondering what to do next? Do you need to improve your confidence so that you can live independently? 
Do you want to develop skills that will help you find a job or a work placement? Would you like to progress to a higher level College course and need new skills?

There’s a whole world of choice out there. Sometimes a skills boost is the best way to open up new opportunities.

Our Skills for Work, Life and Further Study courses give you the chance to skill up in vocational areas like:

• Construction
• Art
• Care
• Business Admin
• Transport
• Hair and Beauty 
• Catering

To help you feel more certain about the way forward, we also offer:

• A 12-week Prince's Trust personal development and confidence building course
• An Education Unlimited course, designed to help 16-18 year olds decide what to do in the future
• Citizenship courses to boost your understanding of rights and responsibilities within society
• Work experience to help you dip your toe in the water before making those all important decisions

Our courses can give you the skills to help you decide the right future for you.

Progression potential

You could become… skilled in a range of vocational areas, more knowledgeable about the options open to you, more confident about which career paths might suit you best.