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Not studying or working?

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Not studying or working?

We’ve helped thousands of young people choose, and move into, employment or education that they really enjoy.

You could be next….

  • Are you aged 16-25, unemployed and looking to improve your future?
  • Is the ‘next step’ not clear?

Our FREE EUL and Prince’s Trust programmes will give you the opportunity to prove what you are capable of and can help you to find your direction.

Our experienced staff will listen to you, help you to improve your skills and encourage you to develop your talent.

  • We start programmes all year round so you can join when it is the right time for you
  • You develop confidence, improve your skills, meet new people and have exciting experiences
  • You get support with travel costs
  • You gain qualifications and the type of experience that employers are looking for
  • Over 70% of people completing the Team programme move into employment or education
  • You will be respected as an individual and we will make sure you get all the support you need, including one-to-one and small group work
  • Our programmes are unique, flexible and great fun.

We just need you to get involved.

Call 0117 312 5625 to find out more.