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About the course

This two-year course is ideal if you want to experience different work areas before deciding what you want to specialise in. You can choose from a wide range: catering, gardening, construction, motor vehicle, office, service skills, performing arts, sport, drama and retail. You will also go to a work placement once a week to gain employment experience in the second year. In addition, you develop skills in teamwork, communication, planning and problem solving plus work on your English, maths and life skills.

Entry Requirements

No academic requirements. Potential students usually visit/meet staff before the course starts. Taster days can be arranged after meeting with staff.

What will I do on this course?

To give you an idea of the type of things you will learn, take a look at the examples below.

  • Vocational training
  • Work Experience
  • Tutorials
  • Functional Skills English and Maths
  • Work Skills - how to apply for a job
  • Work Skills - interview skills and roleplay
  • Work Skills - application letters and CV

We offer vocational subjects areas such as:

  • Cookery and hospitality
  • General construction
  • Motor vehicle (SBSA only)
  • Office, retail and administration
  • Gardening
  • Caring for others
  • Sport
  • Drama
Who is it for?

If you undecided about your work options and want to try out from a range of work placements then WorkForward is for you. This course is for 16-18 years old school leavers, who are working at Entry level.

How to apply

Please click on the 'Apply' button below

How Is this course assessed?

You will work towards qualifications in skills For Working Life at Entry 3. You will also be able to gain Functional Skills certificates in English and Maths. You will be continuously assessed in the classroom, workshops and on work placement in a number of different ways:

  • Group work
  • Observations
  • Portfolio
  • Photos
  • Practical
  • Projects
  • Videos
  • Exams
What could I do next?

You should be able to move onto learn more about the vocational area you have chosen in a number of different ways:

  • Vocational courses at the College
  • Training with an employer
  • Full or part time employment
  • Supported employment
Additional cost

All students joining this course may incur the following costs. Some are dependent upon the vocational options chosen.

  • Materials
  • Educational visits
  • Uniform/clothing
  • CRB check

You will need an interview for this course



How old will you be when the course starts?

16-18 19+
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