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About the course

This 1 year course is perfect if you want to reinforce your work skills in readiness for a higher level course. You can also develop, through Citizenship, ideas, skills & knowledge that help you communicate more effectively with those around you. You will also work on your English and maths. In addition you will go to a work placement for part of the year.

Entry Requirements

You should be working at Entry Level 3 or have the ability to gain Level 1 qualifications by the end of your year. Potential students usually visit/meet staff before the course starts.

What will I do on this course?

To give you an idea of the type of things you will learn, take a look at the examples below.

  • Work Skills - interview skills and interview simulation
  • Work Skills - rights and responsibilities at work
  • Work Skills - searching and applying for a job
  • Work Skills - self-assessment and career progression
  • Work Skills - managing money
  • Citizenship - What is Citizenship and how does it apply to me
  • Citizenship- my rights and responsibilities as a Citizen
  • Citizenship - Diversity in our community
  • Citizenship - Young people, law and order
  • Tutorials
  • Functional Skills English and Maths
Who is it for?

Forward Plus will suit learners who aren't quite ready for a Level 1 course, learners who aren't quite sure which Level 1 course they wish to apply for and for learners who are looking to broaden and consolidate their skills. If you care about your study and want to push forward with your work related skills then FowardPlus is for you. If you are aged 16-18 and are looking to prepare and move forward in to a Level 1 course then this is for you.

How to apply

For further information:

Call: 0117 312 5000

How Is this course assessed?

You will work towards a Level 1 qualifications in Workskills and in Citizenship. You will also be able to gain Functional Skills in English and Maths. You will be assessed in the classroom, workshops and on work placement in a number of different ways:

  • Assignments
  • Group work
  • Observations
  • Photos
  • Portfolio
  • Exams
What could I do next?

During the second term you will begin to look at your progression options. This could be direct in to employment, training or more likely a further study course in a vocational area of your choice.

  • Vocational courses at the College
  • Training with an employer
  • Full or part time employment
  • Supported employment
Additional cost

There will be some extra things that you need to buy for your course.

  • Educational visits
  • Materials




How old will you be when the course starts?

16-18 19+
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