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About the course

Are you thinking about paid work in the future, but feel you’re not quite ready to take that step yet? Or perhaps you are planning to move to supported living in a year or so? Towards Employment is a one year full time course including work experience, which will prepare you for a Supported Internship route into paid work, or for independent living.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. All you need to do is have:

  • An interview to make sure that the course is right for you and that your support needs can be met before being offered a place.
What will I do on this course?

The topics you will cover include:

  • Communication for Work
  • Travel Skills
  • Group Enterprise & voluntary work
  • Individual work experience with job coaching support
  • Citizenship
  • Health & Wellbeing

You will work towards individual outcomes agreed in your Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Your personal tutor will work closely with you to plan individual learning targets.

Who is it for?

Towards Employment is for young adults (16-24) with moderate learning difficulties / disabilities who:

  • Want to try paid or voluntary work
  • Want to learn to travel independently
  • Are keen to go out into the community
  • Are willing to try new experiences
  • Have carers, keyworkers or families who support these aims
How Is this course assessed?

You will have an individual learning plan, and your practical work and class work will be informally assessed throughout the year. Your work will be moderated through the RARPA quality assurance process, and you will get a college certificate at the end of the course.

What could I do next?

You may go on to:

  • Paid or voluntary work.
  • A Supported Internship (a year of work-based learning, leading to paid work)
  • Community based opportunities
  • Independent living
Additional cost

At the beginning of the course you will be asked to pay:

  • Educational visits
  • Materials

You will need an interview for this course

If you are aged 19-24 you will need to have an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) saying what outcomes you are working towards and what support you will need at college to achieve your goals.



How old will you be when the course starts?

16-18 19+
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