Multi-faith Prayer Rooms

The multi-faith prayer rooms are a  place for spiritual refreshment, exploration and counsel for all College staff, students and official visitors to the College, of any religious persuasion or none.  It is designed to be conducive to individual prayer and meditation and will contain appropriate facilities to assist the prayers of members of major religious traditions.

While the multi-faith room is for individual prayer, it is recognised that for Muslim prayer there is an additional blessing when the faithful pray with another or others. While this is fully respected, it is expected that the multi-faith room will be shared openly with those of other religious traditions who may wish to pray at the same time and those who may just wish to think and reflect. Arrangements will be made to allow for religious observance where and when this is possible, without detriment to our educational offer.

Find a Prayer Room

Multi-faith Prayer Rooms can be found at all sites

Ashley Down (Davey House) - AD2.10

College Green - CG5.W08

Parkway at AEC - PW0.02

South Bristol Skills Academy - HP3.14

Getting access

Access cards to these rooms are available from reception.  You will need to sign the College’s Code of Practice and rules (see link to the right)  for Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms, before being given access.