Summer Borrowing Procedures

If you wish to borrow books through the summer holiday, you can do this either via the Reservation Service or from the Ashley Down Study Centre until 21 August 2017.


College Green Study Centre will be open until Friday 14 July.


All Study Centres will then reopen on 4 September 2017.


Reservation Service: Until 21 August books can be reserved and collected at the College Centre of your choice.


Borrowing Books: Books can be issued for two weeks or until a date convenient for you to return them in the new term.


Book Renewals: Books can be renewed at all Receptions and in the Ashley Down Study Centre Monday – Friday 8:30-5:00 or by phone, please see below.


Phone Renewals: Please phone Ashley Down Study Centre: 0117 3125098 or Ashley Down


Reception: 0117 3125190.


Books Returns: Books can be returned at all receptions and via the book bins and in the Ashley Down Study Centre.