Building a career


At City of Bristol College we recognise and acknowledge that the greatest single factor in realising our vision and aspirations is the effective performance and development of all our staff. We strive to live up to our own values of being a challenging, inclusive, open and honest employer. To put this commitment into action we ensure that our staff:

  • Are clear about their role and the requirements for success
  • Have access to a wide range of qualifications and training programmes to support their current and future roles
  • Understand the career pathways in place to progress their careers
  • Receive feedback on their contribution through our review scheme
  • Have their achievements recognised
  • Have regular opportunities to identify and review their development needs to support the realisation of their full potential and aspirations

We work closely with new staff to ensure they receive all the support and guidance necessary to quickly become effective in their roles, meet their contractual requirements and build strong foundations on which to develop their careers.

Learning programmes and succession plans are also in place to prepare our people for promotion and progression within the College.

Career progression

Ready for progression



Corporate progression

Individual development plan


Development programme


Assessment centre



If unsuccessful:

Further development

If successful:

Guaranteed interview for future vacancies