Applying through UCAS

If you want to apply for a full-time university level course through UCAS, you need to follow our step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Applying for a place

You usually complete your UCAS online application well before you plan to start your uni-level course. You can apply for up to five different courses using UCAS Apply.

The application deadline for most courses is 15 January but if you miss this, you can still apply up to 30 June. However, be aware that by this time, the more popular courses may already be full.

Step 2: Interviews

Once you’ve submitted your UCAS application, it's passed to the universities and colleges you've chosen. Each has its own application procedure. At City of Bristol College we like to interview you so we can treat each candidate as an individual.

Step 3: Applying for financial help

It's best to apply for financial support as soon as possible - you don't need to wait until you have an offer. Find out more about student finance on

Step 4: Getting an offer

If you submit your UCAS application before the January deadline, you will usually receive replies by May. If you don’t get an offer from your first choices or you turn down or cancel your choices, the UCAS Extra service could give you another chance to get a place.

If you don’t get an offer through UCAS Extra, you can go through the Clearing system, where universities and colleges fill late course vacancies.

Step 5: Accepting an offer

Offers will either be conditional (dependent on you getting certain grades on your current course) or unconditional (if you already have the qualifications required).

If you haven’t got your qualifications yet, you can accept one offer firmly and another as an ‘insurance back-up’.

Step 6: Getting your results

The scenarios

  • If you get the results you need for a conditional offer - we will confirm your place. UCAS will send you a formal letter of confirmation
  • If your results are better than expected - you may want to use UCAS Adjustment to look at other options
  • If you don’t get the results you need to meet your conditional offers - we may not be able to accept you. If this happens, you may be able to take up your insurance choice place or you may want to get a place through Clearing

If you have any UCAS queries you contact us on