Almarie Caringal - Step Up GCSE

When I came here to England, I had no idea which course I should take first. With the help of City of Bristol College staff, they offered me this course and said that I needed this before going to university because it is one of the requirements of the universities.

The future

I noticed that GCSEs are important before going to higher education. Also, learning English in Step Up GCSE is really helpful for me to develop my communication skills using English Language. I’m grateful that I’m doing this course in City of Bristol College.

My tutors

During our class in different subjects, our tutors are very informative in different ways. They give us a lot of information that can help us reach our target grades in May and June examinations. And the best part is learning with your friends in class.

Our tutors in our course are very helpful to us. They give us ideas on how to improve our grades. If we are having trouble in our subjects they are always there to help us. They support us on the next path we want to go. In looking for the next step after finishing Step Up, our tutors are helping us on applying for the next course in college.

The students

My fellow students in Step Up course are fun-to-be-with: they are helpful in everything, they support me in learning. They are all keen to learn more and improve themselves and that makes me do the same thing as well.

The facilities

All the facilities in my campus are accessible, such as the LRC where you can do your work with the help of computers and sources (books, magazines, and newspapers). There are also laptops that you can borrow inside the campus so you can get on with your college works.

...Why us?

I chose City of Bristol College because it is the best choice for me. I heard from my friends who went to this college that this is the best place to study. When I was enrolling last year, they offered me this Step Up GCSE course and I know that this course suits me. Talking about its location, I can go easily to my assigned college with the help of buses.