Brittany Evans - Nail Services

I chose to do an NVQ in Level 3 Nails as it greatly appealed to me after having studied an NVQ in Level 2 Nails, and due to the experience it allowed me to gain – working practically with different clients rather than sat writing all year round. I knew that I wanted to study nails alone and that the NVQ would set me on the right path as to finding a career in nails. The NVQ was an achievable goal and gave me the qualifications I sought, and also needed.

The future

This course has benefited my plans for the future more than I originally thought it would. I have considered going onto University and studying a teaching degree in nails, so then I would be able to pass on the knowledge that I have gained. I have also considered going straight into a full time job; I would not need training as the NVQ required hands-on work on real clients, so I would already have the appropriate experience with dealing with members of the general public and more importantly, all aspects of nails.

The best bit

I most enjoy the practical side of the course. I am a very social person, so to be working with all different types of people and to be providing a service that I feel passionate about at the same time makes an interesting environment to be in – there's never a boring day! However, the written work isn’t so bad either. My tutor Jackie, always tries to make the theory sessions as fun and active as possible, and always makes sure that everyone is involved!

My tutors

Jackie Harris, my course tutor, is definitely the best teacher I have ever been taught by. I have never had a teacher as passionate as Jackie is about teaching us students. She is always happy and very approachable. It is clear to see that Jackie consistently strives to make sure that all of us do the best that we possibly can, and to ensure that we all pass the course! Jackie is a very friendly, inspirational and knowledgeable woman, and she is always supportive – no matter if the situation is or isn't about the course or college!

The students

The students on the course are great to be around! They are good friends that I am pleased to have met. Everyone is always bubbly, happy and supportive. All of us are encouraged to help each other when we need it, and that's exactly what we do. As we all share the same interest in nails, the atmosphere is always lovely in the nail bar and makes learning at college more enjoyable.

The facilities

The facilities at South Bristol Skills Academy have everyone in mind! It is clear to see that equality and diversity is taken into consideration – there are easily accessible lifts for those that struggle to use the stairs, and there are clear labelled prayer rooms for those that may require them. There are great Learning Resource Centres that are fully equip with computers, books, stationary and many other things to assist students with their studying at college and at home; and there are also booths for those that want to study a little more privately!

Why us?

I chose to study at City of Bristol College because I felt that it was a good learning environment. City of Bristol had a few courses that appealed to me, and that I noticed other nearby colleges did not provide. The centres are quite local as well, so that made travelling to and from college a lot easier.