Chris Oakley - Electrical Installation

I chose this course because I needed a skill to improve my job prospects. I had to choose between three trades - plumbing, plastering and electrical. I chose electrical because of the variety of work environments and challenges, and have completed levels 1 and 2.

My future

I would like this course to benefit my plans for the future, to become self-employed and have my own business - so I can give others employment.

The best bit

I enjoyed the practical side of the course. It has a lot of variety and problem-solving which I enjoy. It also helps me learn the products and develop skills.

My tutors

The tutors on the course are helpful. By treating me like an individual, they have found out my strengths and how best to use them. Study Plus have supported me through this course, improving my English and Maths which has been a big help to my success.

Student life

The other students in the course have a variety of cultures and ages. We have found ways to communicate and support each other which help us get along.

The facilities

Ashley Down campus has good a car park, signage and computers. The course provides all the equipment you need.

Why us?

The college was the only one to do a course in electrical installation.