Daniel Coles - Performing Arts

I wasn't happy with my last courses that I went through, and found that this course was exactly what I wanted to go for the whole time. I want to be a voiceover artist so this course is the only option that can help me with this. 

My future

My plan for the future is to hopefully continue acting (voice acting, stage or screen).

The best bit

I really enjoy the creative process as we all chip into to create a performance. I also enjoy the interaction between the tutors and the students. Everyone can get on with each other and it makes the course a more enjoyable experience.

My tutors

The tutors are brilliant. They are just like the students in that they like to also get stuck in and be involved, but at the same time will also make sure that you are heading in the right direction for the best grade you can get.

Student life

The students are all very easy to get on with as everyone is into very similar things. I found it simple to make friends with everyone and there has never been a point where I think that someone isn’t being treated fairly.

The facilities

Being on this particular course, we are more often in a dance centre. This means that we have more than enough space to help with our units as we are constantly doing something where we will need to use open space. When we need it, there is the main college across the road and we have lots of access to any equipment we may need.

Why us?

This was the only course that I knew I definitely wanted to apply for. At first it didn't seem ideal to apply as it was so far away and travel takes a long time. But this course is worth having to go extra distance.