Kiara Jones - Medical Science

The medical discipline will undoubtedly benefit from an abundance of practitioners. Though it has evolved massively so far, there remains so much to discover. The topic is applicable to a vast array of other interests such as technology, engineering, and pharmaceuticals. Illness and disease has a significant impact on many of us, I'd prefer to participate in solving this issue than simply spectating.

My future

This course has so much to offer, so even if you're unsure of your specific ambitions it's a great place to start. I intend on using this qualification in conjunction with chemistry A-level as a gateway to studying medicine at university. There are multiple courses in higher education that approve of this method of learning for academic entry, including those situated in Bristol. I composed a diagram of these UK universities and have found seven for medicine, 11 for medical engineering, and 30 for medical science.

The best bit

Grades are largely coursework based as opposed to an exam dominated format. The method of learning includes the incorporation of Harvard referencing which is beneficial for university preparation. Practical procedures are also a vital component of this course which are especially useful to kinesthetic learners.

My tutors

The course tutors are evidently passionate about teaching. Encouragement is a profound element that I have noticed in many of the staff. In the case of unavoidable absence, tutors are highly professional in terms of forwarding teaching materials via email when necessary. Any queries I have addressed have also been responded to extremely efficiently.

Student life

My classmates are hugely varied in terms of academic background. Some have previously taken other college courses, some are straight from GCSE, and others including myself have had time out of education for various reasons and returned as a mature student. Despite our differences, our universal determination results in mutual support and respect, as well as the sharing of previously learned information. I was relatively sceptical about meeting other students considering my lack of networking throughout the college. However, the contacts and independence gained from forming new relationships is definitely worth leaving your comfort zone for.

The facilities

You'll be entitled to access any of the campuses, and bus links are located in close proximity. Laptops/computers are available to use, or you may opt to use your own device. Reading material is recommended and library facilities are also present. Students are also provided with printing credit. There is a small fee to pay initially, but financial support is available. This covers equipment such as a lab coat, scrubs and materials used. Costs also fund educational trips, we recently attended the Hunterian surgical museum in London which was super insightful. Academic progression/learning materials are accessible via new software.

Why us?

Bristol is a central location where you're also surrounded by course related places to volunteer. It's simple to access, offers a broad range of education and over 1,000 courses. I originally studied at a local sixth form though ironically had to end my studies prematurely due to autoimmune complications. This course seemed like a decent opportunity to regain where I left off and has definitely met my expectations.