Noemi Jakubowska - FdA Professional Photography

I wanted to become a professional photographer. I knew I lacked some knowledge, skills and experience. But I didn't know anyone likeminded and I didn't have access to expensive equipment to practise.

My future

I want this course to give me the knowledge, skills and confidence I need to exist in the business when I graduate. But also to give me the opportunity for further development, like a degree.

The best bit

The thing I like most about my course is that it's a combination of theoretical, creative and practical approach. It gives me the background knowledge, challenges me creatively and gives me practical skills to perform.

My tutors

I found a lot of support from my tutor and that helped me to develop a lot. Tutors are really friendly and there is very personal contact with them. They are very supportive for our creative development also.

Student life

We have a group of really different people with varied interests, but together we create a nice, supportive group. I value a lot of mutual help and inspiration. There's no competitiveness as well, which gives you a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

The facilities

We have access to really good high-end equipment that we can borrow to use out of school too. We have access to the darkroom and studio throughout the week, which is great!

Why us?

I chose to study at City of Bristol College because of the course that I found very attractive and exactly what I need. Apart from that I live in Bristol, so the distance was a factor too.