Ryan Diola - Step Up GCSE

I came to England looking for further education. City of Bristol College, being my first choice, suggested to me that the Step up GCSE course is the best pathway to higher education.

My future

The main requirements for getting into higher education is a GCSE, and as this course offers that qualification. Being able to succeed and complete the course with the grades that I want will hopefully get me into the course that I want in university: General Engineering.

The best bit

The things that I enjoy most in the course is being able to interact with others; it allows me to socialise and connect with my peers, and work as a team.

My tutors

All of my tutors are very supportive. They answer any questions that I raise and they always ask me if I need any help. Their good personality and positivity makes them approachable.

Student life

Our class consists of various cultures with an age group ranging from 16 - 18 years old. Even though we have differences there is no isolation within our class members. Each class member in my course has their own personalities that make our course enjoyable for everyone; they are humorous even when in a class debate. No-one is left feeling less of themselves as they are all respectful towards one another.

The facilities

The facilities are a lot more advanced than the schools and colleges in the Philippines. The Study Centre has far more information available and is supplied with more computers, laptops and other electronic devices.

Why us?

I chose to study at City of Bristol College because it is a very well known and popular choice of college to study in. Given the reviews and its reputation, I was ensured by the staff members that this college, and the courses available, is a perfect choice to study in to get the qualifications that I need to succeed in a better future.