Tom Kirrage - Photography

While doing A-Levels at my previous school, I decided that university wasn't the best choice for me, but I didn't want to stop education just then. So I decided that building up my knowledge and experience with photography was the best choice for me. I researched where the best place was and City of Bristol College was the first choice that came up and I was also told by my teacher that it was a really good place to go. I went for an interview and the next thing I knew, I had an unconditional offer to come to join a course starting the following September.

The best bit

There are many aspects that I could mention about this course that I have really enjoyed. There is an equal amount of theory work as there is practical work and they all really tie in together. It's a very creative course and allows you to do a lot of experimentation of your own. To find your style of photographic work is the ultimate goal at the end of the course.

My tutors

Throughout these last two years I have had three very supportive, friendly and very knowledgeable tutors. For my first year on the course I had Steven Crawshaw and Alan Drew. Both of which made the first year probably the best fun ever. Both my knowledge and experience with photography was boosted by a huge mark by the end of the year. My best work with Alan was probable the iDVD slideshow work and then the best work with Steve was the Still Life of Flowers in the Studio. Quite interestingly, the Still Life work was the highest graded work for the studio assignments, but to me it was the easiest.

The facilities

The college is very well equipped with all of the facilities that I need for my photographic work. Good computers, with excellent photographic programs and good lighting equipment, able to be used inside a studio and outside in the elements.

Why us?

I study at College Green- it's in a brilliant location, only a 5-minute walk away from where I live. The staff are friendly, I love the area and it was highly recommended to me by my teachers from my previous school and I really wanted to come to a place where I could boost my photographic knowledge.