Katherine Woodward | Head of Department




From hairdressing apprentice to Head of Department!


Katherine Woodward, Head of Department - Creative and Leisure (Work Based) at City of Bristol College. Completed Level 2 Hairdressing Apprenticeship.


Kath is Head of Department at City of Bristol College and manages the assessors for creative and leisure apprenticeships. However, her career route wasn’t as traditional as you might think. Kath’s journey started as a Level 2 apprentice in hairdressing at the College where she was inspired to take her career to higher levels.


Kath didn’t find school very easy so looked to her mum, a hairdresser, for inspiration. Kath said: “I thought I’d follow in my mum’s footsteps and start my career in the hair and beauty industry. If you know where you want your career to be, or you know what sector you want to be in, then apprenticeships are a great way to learn.”


Kath progressed to a Level 3 apprenticeship and then completed an assessor’s qualification that helped her get the Head of Department job. She has a great relationship with her trainees and had always thought she’d set up her own hairdressing salon, but felt like she had a lot to give through education.


By completing an apprenticeship, Kath gained opportunities, learned from various people within the hair and beauty industry, all while working in a salon. She said: “Looking back, I never thought I would end up here today.


“My apprenticeship has enabled me to develop key skills that I use within my role. I gained communication and listening skills, learnt how to problem solve correctly and how to deal with people of different backgrounds and needs.”