Former Ironman involves students in community project


Students were asked to create a window display as a show piece for their work as part of a community project introduced by Bike Science. Owner Andy Sexton, a former Ironman Triathlete, tells us more: “My goal with Bike Science is to provide suitable and perfectly fitted bikes for all. Cycling can be enjoyed by everyone; it's a fun and social sport that brings people together. It's a good way to get about the city and keeps you healthy too" Andy says. 

It's the idea of cycling for all that led Andy and his PR manager wife Andrea to start thinking about using part of the shop as a way to give back to the Bristol community. 

Andrea explains "We felt our windows would provide a great opportunity for artists to show their work and wanted to work with a local college and their students to give them a chance to show their talents to the wider public. As a former lecturer myself I know how inspiring it is for students to be able to work on a real project that will be seen by the public". 

After being asked to create a display window, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students from the College decided to discuss their ideas and each suggested their project for the window. Student Benji Tyler’s idea was chosen as the group’s project. 

Benji tells us more: “I used life for my inspiration. Everything in life has a box or compartment and I wanted to represent that in the piece. Everyone did their own compartment under an agreed remit which was to create Bristol scenes of themed images. This is the kind of thing I’d like to do after College, so asked to create a display window was a brilliant opportunity for me”. 

City of Bristol College tutor, Nicola Payne, commented: “Bike Science approached us to ask if our students would be interested in making a window display. Students had free reign to work together to design their project and the finished results are fabulous. This has been a valuable opportunity for our students to be able to show case their creations and work to a live brief.”

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