Students attend Exam Anxiety Resilience Workshop


Students at City of Bristol College recently attended an anxiety and depression workshop run by University of the West of England. 

The workshop was organised by the College’s Study Plus team after they saw a need in their students. Maths Coach, Samina Sommers, tells us more: “Some of my students were showing signs of stress and anxiety, especially around the exam periods. I felt a real need to address this and offer support to any students that were struggling.” 

She tells us more “I was extremely impressed with the workshop and gained a lot from it personally. I felt students gained valuable life skills and I was excited to see the positive feedback we received from all who attended.” 

Glyn Williams, Counsellor at University of the West of England, commented: “20% of adolescents may experience a mental health issue in any given year. I see a desperate need for workshops to help tackle the stigma around discussing these issues. During the sessions, I provide practical ways of dealing with exam anxiety and help to establish a safe environment so students feel they can discuss any issues with peers or teachers, as I have found recovery happens when people are transparent with each other. College students really engaged with the session and I hope to offer this again at a later date.” 

Visual aids were used in the presentation including a handout on Dr Karen Reivich ‘7 Learnable Skills of Resilience’ and a YouTube video by the World Health Organisation called ‘I had a black dog, his name was Depression’. 

ICT Student Aisha Abukar said: “Young people are afraid to talk about anxiety as it is a deep and intricate subject. As a generation we were not given awareness about mental health issues but instead we feel overlooked. I am excited to see that these issues are being discussed and normalised and the videos and handouts were extremely helpful and encouraging.” 

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