School Report



Our Level 3 first year media students have been making factual productions for BBC News School Report.

ALEXANDER It’s said that we’re a nation of animal lovers. But that can be called into question when we hear of the awful way some animals are treated. So it’s important before getting a pet to really be clear about the commitment involved, as Alexander discovered when he asked the question ‘is it worth it to have pets?’

GEORGIA This week it has really started to feel like the beginning of spring, with that hint of warmth in the sun and the days really starting to draw out. Many of us feel a little happier as we start to wave winter goodbye, and Georgia has been finding out the effect that spring has on animals as well as humans.

JACK Live music plays a very important role in the lives of many Bristolians. But recently, one of Bristol’s biggest venues – the Bierkeller – shut down. And several others have been at risk of closure. Jack Hembrow has been finding out more.

SAYWA The recent apology by the Bristol Post for its front page of 21 years ago showing mugshots of 16 black men alongside the headline ‘Faces of Evil’, has raised even more awareness of how black people are sometimes portrayed in the media. Saywa has been exploring the issue of white privilege and how it can manifest itself in the media and in peoples’ everyday lives.


MOLLY Nipping to the ladies or the gents is standard for most of us on a night out. But for those who don’t identify as either male or female, needing the loo when out and about can cause real anxiety. The answer – as Molly has been finding out – could be more gender neutral public toilets.

SAM Bristol has many famous landmarks – the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the SS Great Britain, and a picture of a naked man hanging out of a window. If you see a large crowd of people standing at the bottom of Park Street, the chances are that they’re taking photos of this iconic – and now sadly defaced  piece of Banksy artwork. Or is it grafitti? Sam has been pondering this much asked question.

WILL We hear a lot about addiction to computer games and also to gambling. But what about when the two come together? Will has been speaking to two gamers to find out how they feel about games that encourage players to gamble.

CHLOE Many 18 year olds will be off to university in September. Whilst university life is often exciting and fulfilling, it can also be very expensive. Chloe spoke to a student – who moved from Spain to come to university in Bath – about his experiences.