Learning Goals and Feedback

Learning goals

All full-time students complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) during their induction. This is reviewed regularly with each student’s personal tutor, who will monitor your son/daughter’s overall progress and set short and long-term goals. The ILP also helps us identify any additional assistance required.

Feedback on progress

You will be invited to attend a parents' evening to discuss your son/daughter's progress. Students have regular reviews with their personal tutors and their progress is discussed and recorded in their Individual Learning Plan.We value your input and feedback. If you have any concerns or questions, we always encourage you to contact us via email at enquiries@cityofbristol.ac.uk or by phone on 0117 312 5000 if you would prefer an informal telephone chat. We ask you to support your son/daughter throughout their time with us.

We follow up on non-attendance with students, and appreciate your support in encouraging students to maintain high levels of attendance. Please be aware that we will be seeking permission from your son/daughter to be able to share information with you. This will be completed during Enrolment and Induction.