Here you will find answers to the most common questions we are asked about accommodation.

I’ve found somewhere to live – now what do I do?

Make sure you inform the College of your new term time address – this is really important. We need to know where to contact you with important information about your course. 

What is a tenancy agreement?

A tenancy agreement is a document that tells you what you can and can’t do within your new accommodation. Whatever type of accommodation you choose, you should ask for a tenancy agreement and a full inventory (list of equipment in the property before you move in). Make sure you read ALL the small print and understand what you are signing. 

Should I take out insurance?

It's a good idea to insure your possessions so that you're covered when you're at College. The College is not responsible for loss or theft of your personal belongings.

Will I have to pay council tax?

Full-time students do not have to pay council tax. You must be attending College for enough hours each week to qualify for an exemption certificate. Talk to the reception team at your centre, to find out if you qualify. Family homes where more than one non-student adult lives, do have to pay council tax. You may therefore be asked to pay your share if you do not qualify for exemption.

I am an international student. Can I apply to live in Hotwells House?

Yes. Simply complete the application form. However, if you do not have a UK guarantor, you will be asked to pay the whole accommodation fee in one payment before you can move in.

Will I have to pay council tax if I am an overseas student?

No, not if you’re a full-time student.

If I have a conditional offer, can I book a room, then cancel if I don't make the grades?

No, we always advise students not to book their accommodation until they have secured the grades they need and have confirmed their place. It is possible that you will lose your deposit unless you follow this advice.

Still not found the answer to your question?

If you have any other questions, email annette.easy@cityofbristol.ac.uk or call us on 0117 312 5000.