Advanced Learner Loans

If you're over 19 in September 2016 and on a level 3 or 4 course, you could qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan.

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What does this mean?

Well, rather than having to pay for your level 3 or 4 course upfront, you can take a loan with the Student Loans Company. You won't have to start repaying the loan until you have finished the course AND are earning over £21,000. And even then, the monthly repayments are just 9% of your pay.

The loan doesn't depend on your current income and there are no credit checks. It's an ideal way to help you take the next step or give yourself the freedom to retrain.

How do I qualify?

The Advanced Learner Loan is only for Level 3 or 4 courses, so make sure you check whether this is true for your course before applying. There are also requirements around nationality and residency which you can check on the GOV.UK website.

How do I apply?

Simple! just follow the steps here - Apply for an Advanced Learner Loan