Money management and debt

A wooden piggy bank.

​Managing your money whilst studying can be a struggle. It is really important that you keep to a budget. A budget planner can help you manage your money by:

  • Tracking how much money you have coming in (e.g. from wages, benefits)
  • How much money is going out on essential costs (e.g. rent, gas, food)
  • How much money is left over at the end of the month for other costs

Do you need help managing your finances?

We can check you are getting all the money you are entitled to and help you create a budget planner. Call 0117 312 5000 for advice.

There is also useful information about pain-free budgeting on the Directgov website.

Do you have debts which are adding up?

  • Don’t bury your head in the sand – we can help
  • Work out your priority debts. These will be the ones where serious action can be taken if you do not pay them, for example, rent, mortgage payments and council tax
  • Work out a repayment plan which is affordable, paying your priority debts first
  • Contact your creditors as soon as possible to show them you are attempting to pay. The earlier you make contact, the more flexible they will be
  • Always keep copies of any letters you send out to creditors
  • Never pay for debt advice – there are plenty of free debt advice agencies that can help you

Debt organisations

As soon as you realise that debts are becoming a problem you should contact one of the free debt advice organisations. They will offer you support and advice on how to solve the problem.

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