Course overview

Digital Production, Design And Development T Level City of Bristol College

The T-Level in Digital Production, Design And Development has been designed to ensure students have the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to progress into skilled employment or higher level technical study in the digital sector.

The course will introduce learners to key industry topics such as programming, coding, development engines, the use of data and the different platforms of digital delivery. Learners will also learn about the potential security risks organisations face and how to analyse problems and identify solutions through computer programs, as well as building specialist knowledge surrounding the role of a software development technician.

This T Level will be offered from September 2024.

Additional information

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone aged 16-18 looking to pursue a career in digital production, design and development.

What you'll learn

Students will develop an understanding of:

  • how digital technologies impact business
  • the ethical and moral implications of digital technology
  • using data in software design
  • using digital technologies to analyse and solve problems
  • digital environments, including physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • emerging technical trends, such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, 3D printing
  • legal and regulatory obligations relating to digital technologies
  • the privacy and confidentiality of personal data
  • the technical, physical and human aspects of internet security
  • planning digital projects
  • testing software, hardware and data
  • digital tools for project management and collaboration

They will develop the skills to:

  • analyse a problem, understand user needs, define requirements and set acceptance criteria
  • design, implement and test software
  • change, maintain and support software
  • work collaboratively in a digital team
  • discover, evaluate and apply reliable sources of knowledge
  • work within legal and regulatory frameworks when developing software

Course entry requirements

All students undertaking the T Level must have English and Maths at GCSE grade 5 or above to join.

Students should also have 4 GCSEs at grade 4 and above (Including English and Maths at a grade 5) OR a GCSE in Computer Science or a minimum of a Level 2 digital qualification (BTEC IT, iMedia, ICT).

How is the course delivered and assessed?

The course is delivered 80% in a classroom setting and 20% via a work placement consisting of a minimum 45 days in industry, which must be completed to achieve the T Level.

The T Level is assessed through assignments, exams and practical projects that demonstrate the applied knowledge, skills and behaviours specified in the framework.

This course is suitable for anyone wanting a career in software production and design. Students can progress into roles such as:


You may also progress into Higher Education or Technical training via a Degree or an Apprenticeship in a relevant vocation.

Future career and study opportunities

This course is suitable for anyone wanting a career in software production and design. Students can progress into roles such as:

You may also progress into Higher Education or technical training via a degree or an apprenticeship in a relevant vocation.

Additional costs

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If you are on a limited income, you may be able to receive help from our Learner Support Funding Bursary.

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