Apprenticeships – FAQs

Can my apprentice continue their apprenticeship if they are still in employment?

Yes. Colleges and training providers are being encouraged to continue supporting apprentices through their programmes through delivering training remotely and e-learning. Our team of assessors are working hard to ensure their apprentices are still supported and can continue their work-based training where possible. 

Also, if your apprentice was attending college, many courses are being taught ‘remotely’, either via live online lessons and/or direct support from the tutors.

Can my apprentice continue their apprenticeship if they are furloughed?

Yes. Furloughed apprentices are allowed to continue their training as long as it does not generate any revenue or provide any service to the employer by doing so.

The training required for my apprentice means that remote training or working from home is not a possibility. Can the apprenticeship be put on hold?

Yes. An apprentice can have a break in their learning for up to 4 weeks without it requiring reporting. Should the break be anticipated to be longer than 4 weeks, please advise the training provider who will then ‘pause’ the apprenticeship with the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

During breaks in learning it is not necessary for apprentices to comply with the minimum of 20% off-the-job training requirement.

Unfortunately, my apprentice is to be made redundant. Do they have to stop their training?

An apprenticeship cannot be completed if the apprentice does not have an employer.

It is our ambition to assist the apprentice in finding alternative employment and continue their apprenticeship as quickly as possible within 12 weeks.

My apprentice was due to complete their end point assessment shortly. Can this still go ahead?

Where practicable, we will work with End-Point Assessment Organisations so that remote assessment can take place. If this is not possible, apprentices who are due to complete end-point assessment will have an extension to the assessment timeframe.

I need to recruit another apprentice. Can I still do so?

Yes. Our recruitment team is still working remotely to support employers, and encouraging telephone and virtual interviews if possible. We have put a remote enrolment process in place for apprentices so that remote training and e-learning can begin.

I am a levy paying employer and my apprentice is taking a break in learning. What do I need to do?

You need to amend the apprentice details in the Apprentice Service by ‘pausing’ the payments when the break in learning begins. Do not ‘stop’ the apprenticeship as this will prevent it resuming subsequently.

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