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Business students embrace Eid at City of Bristol College

Yesterday our Level 2 Business students collaborated and hosted an Eid Festival in the LRC at our College Green Centre.

The inspiration behind the event was to support all of our staff and students who celebrate Eid as well as to allow others to learn about the holiday.

The celebrations kick-started at 10am and allowed for a few fun-filled hours of jubilation and recognition of Islam.

In preparation for the festival, the students were learning about differing customs from various countries and researching how Eid is celebrated, as well as practicing sayings relevant to Eid in different languages.

No festival would be complete without food, so of course traditional Eid celebratory food was also present in the form of rows upon rows of golden samosas and indulgent baklava. The Catering students lent a helping hand, cooking up a storm for the occasion.

Four tables were set up at the festival to represent four different countries; Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Sudan. Each themed tablescape was set against a backdrop of informational posters, flags and imagery from each country, providing a more immersive experience.

On the table tops, there were themed word searches and quizzes that revellers could get involved with as well as students on hand to share some of their newfound knowledge and facts surrounding Eid. Donation pots were also dotted around that were raising funds for a refuge charity if visitors wanted to donate.

At Christmastime, the business students hosted a festival surrounding Christmas traditions from around the world and when the opportunity to host another festival presented itself, they felt that they wanted the focus to be on Eid in order to make students belonging to Islam feel seen, heard and respected within the college.

We have multi-faith prayer rooms available for all college staff, students and official visitors. You can discover more about our multi-faith prayer rooms here.

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