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Catering lecturer joins Master Chefs of Great Britain

One of our lecturers has joined an illustrious band of chefs from across the country to help build aspirations and opportunities for his students.

Catering Lecturer, Ryan Fernandes, joined us in September 2009 part-time before joining as a full-time member of staff in 2012 and has now become a member of the Master Chefs of Great Britain (MCGB).

The MCGB celebrates British cuisine to both the chef and the consumer. It also provides a forum for the exchange of culinary ideas, focusing on furthering the profession through training and guidance for young chefs.

The MCGB is also proud to organise competitions, masterclass demonstrations and charitable work to further enhance the industry. City of Bristol College will play host to one of these competitions in May.

Talking about becoming a member of the MCGB, Ryan said: “I feel honoured and humbled, as this will give me a huge opportunity and a platform to network nationally and keep the momentum of learning and celebrating British cuisine which is fast growing with the amalgamation of different cuisines. This will shape the future of the exciting eating culture which will make the hospitality sector in the UK the most sought after.”

The membership will create a sharing culture for knowledge and experiences which will inspire our students to follow their passion and work hard to achieve their goals. The continuous industry learning experiences Ryan will gain through MCGB will allow him to nurture the future chefs of the industry.

Ryan added: “It makes you feel good and driven when your hard work is recognised and this keeps the momentum going, as you then know what you have done and achieved so far. The focus then turns to you to thrive to be even better and stronger for the future generation.”~

After gaining a degree in Physics, Ryan went into hotel management before getting into a chef management training programme with the Taj hotel group in India.

This move allowed Ryan to travel around India working in different hotels before he was posted at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai.

In 2004, Ryan made the move to the UK after being offered a job at the Loch Fyne Restaurant in Bath. He then built on his professional experience by working at a number of prestigious organisations including the Wooley Grange Hotel, Aztec Hotel & Spa, the Bristol Hotel and DeVere Tortworth Court Hotel & Spa, where he still works in his free time. He also worked as a private chef and for the BBC film catering team.

Ryan, along with his Level 2 and Level 3 Catering and Hospitality students, have released the next batch of their gourmet dinners. To find out which chefs will be joining Ryan in the kitchen, visit our website or call 0117 312 2712.

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