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Choosing the right course

Back in March, lockdown seemed like the best life ever – no school and no exams! But as time goes on and with September still seeming weeks away, the ‘fun side’ of the lockdown is slowly disappearing and you may wonder ‘what’s the point’.

The arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic saw shops, restaurants, hotels and schools close and the economy take a downward turn. COVID-19 has seen hundreds of thousands of people be furloughed (temporarily not at work).

Well, September will come soon enough. Still not sure what you will be doing? What’s it going to take to get you out of bed in the morning and look forward to a day which fills you with excitement, joy and makes you feel good about yourself? Knowing what motivates and inspires you – your career values – will help you to think more clearly about the type of job you want to do in the future and the City of Bristol College course to get you on your way to achieving it.

Our values are things which are very important to us in our daily lives, for example – honesty, loyalty, the environment. Our career values are our priorities which must be present in our work to make us happy and motivated. Everyone will have different career values such as earning a high salary, making a difference to society, being your own boss or being creative. Whatever it is, your values can help you decide the type of job you might do in the future.

You can find out what your Careers Values are by spending five minutes today by completing a Careers Values Quiz to help you identify what you value.

When you’ve completed the quiz and have some suggestions of jobs which would motivate you, look at the list of Careers on the City of Bristol College website. Do any of your jobs appear on the list?

Select a career and find out what courses will help you reach that goal?

Look at the entry requirements and think about what GCSE grades are needed.

Write down which course you could do if you aced your GCSEs (plan A) and what other course you could do as a back-up (plan B) just in case. You may want to do this for more than one job on the careers listing.

What next? At City of Bristol College we are still taking on new applicants and getting ready for online enrolment. Apply online today for the courses on your plan A and plan B lists.

View this page to find out how the college is preparing for September 2020.

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