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College staff share their volunteering stories in support of Good For Me Good For FE

Our staff have been sharing their stories of volunteering in support of our Good For Me Good For FE efforts.

Good For Me Good for FE is a nationwide campaign that aims to highlight the social value that can be created through volunteering, and support staff and students in FE settings to get involved in volunteering. Lots of our College staff volunteer outside of work, with areas including Scouts/Guides, local schools, providing food and other essentials for homeless people, acting as interpreters and more.

Here are some of the inspiring stories we’ve heard from our staff:

Name: Vikki Wherlock

Role at the College: Head of Student Services and Admissions

Hours spent volunteering each week: 2-4

Why people should volunteer more: Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, network, build your own confidence, learn new skills and gain additional knowledge – there is nothing better than seeing smiley faces and the sound of laughter. It is good for the soul.

“I volunteer because I like to feel like I am giving back to my local community and providing children with exciting and positive opportunities to support them in building confidence, learning new skills and building friendships.”

Name: Amanda Corbett

Role at the College: Head of Department for Service Industries

Hours spent volunteering each week: 2-3 on average

Why people should volunteer more: It’s so rewarding to help others and it doesn’t cost anything except some of your time.

“I volunteer because I thoroughly enjoy seeing young people come together to have fun, socialise, develop skills and meet other young people to help them to form other friendship groups. I have been a volunteer within the Scout Movement for approx. 13 years and I think it is so important to give back to your own community. I recently received the Chiefs Scout Commendation for Good Service Award which I felt incredibly honoured to receive. I am the Beaver Scout Leader for 1st Severn Beach Scout Group and feel very privileged to be able to volunteer within my community to help our young people.”

Name: Danny Alfaraj

Role at the College: Head of Department for Foundation and Community Learning

Hours spent volunteering each week: 12-16

Why people should volunteer more: It is fun and very rewarding. You build a strong bond with those you support and it feels like a little community.

“I volunteer because I enjoy helping others grow and develop at the best sport in the world.”

Name: Sally Pike

Role at the College: Timetabling and Register Manager

Hours spent volunteering each week: Depends but would say between 3 and 20 hours.
This week, for example, I have 3 foster rabbits who each need to be fed, watered and cleaned, and two foster cats who need lots of interactions as they are semi-feral. I am picking up a rescue dog from the dog warden and taking to a rescue Saturday, which will be about 5 hours. Supplying meals, sandwiches and puddings for homeless people on Sunday – shopping, cooking and taking to the charity will be about 2-3 hours work. On Monday I am taking one of my foster rabbits to Swansea as I am managed to organise a home from her.

Why people should volunteer more: The feel-good factor of doing something positive and gaining lots of different skills and experiences you may never get otherwise. Lots of these are transferable into the workplace. I have also met so many different people, made some amazing friendships and have been to so many places that I would never had done otherwise

“I volunteer because I enjoy it, and want to contribute back to society. Also my volunteering with animal rescues has exposed me to some of the horrors of farming and animal abuse, I can’t not get involved to stop the suffering and cruelty to animals.”

You can find out more about Good For Me Good For FE here.

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