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Computing student hopes to become a ‘hero’ for technology-illiterate

One of our students hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps and ‘be a hero for people who struggle with technology’ through his IT and computing course.

Abdulkadir Adam, aged 20, has spent the past four years completing his studies at City of Bristol College, having begun his studies on our ESOL programme at Ashley Down Centre before pursuing his interest in IT and computing.

Abdulkadir, known to his teachers and friends as ‘Mr Adam’ or ‘Adam’, was born in Ghana and moved to Italy when he was one before relocating to Bristol when he was 16 years old.

He said: “Italian education is more stressful as you are in school six days a week as opposed to the UK where it is only five days. I enjoy English education as the teachers really care about you and they take time supporting and it is really interesting.”

When he joined City of Bristol College, Adam spent two years improving his English on our ESOL programme and received high praise for his 100% attendance for both years.

In 2019, he started on the Level 1 IT course where he spent time improving his knowledge and ‘working through the levels’.

Now, Adam hopes to ‘follow on [his] dad’s footsteps, and pursue a career in IT, specifically IT security.

He explained: “My dad fixes computers, but I would like to work in IT security. I found starting at Level 1 was the best way as I was able to build on my knowledge and learn instead of going straight in at Level 3.”

In his free time, Adam works for Sports Direct, which is where he found his inspiration for his IT security dream. The student was working one day when he was approached by a woman who had fallen victim to a scam and sadly lost £2,000 to the scam.

Adam continued: “I would like to work in IT security, everything right now is heading towards technology and in the future, there will be more people who will try to target and take advantage of people who don’t feel confident with computers. I would like to be a hero for people who struggle with technology.”

Adam is committed to his studies and, despite the interruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, he enjoyed building on his knowledge between the Level 1 IT through each level to his current course, the Level 3 Computing.

But that is not the end of Adam’s journey, as he sets his sights on a career through an apprenticeship instead of university.

He said: “After I complete my studies here, I would like to pursue an apprenticeship to gain experience in the industry and help me to be in a good position for businesses to recruit me.”

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