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Get into software development with the Code Institute

City of Bristol College has seen huge success since introducing the Diploma in Web Application Development, delivered in partnership with the Code Institute. The first intake this term saw a full cohort of students learning the practical skills to design, develop, build and test a web-based software application and preparing for a career in software development.

The course is taught by our Head of Department for Digital, Pasquale Fasulo, who is already preparing to welcome another cohort of students in February to meet the high demand.

The Diploma teaches the skills needed for a variety of developer careers, including front-end developers, back-end developers, DevOps, software developers, game developers and full stack developers. A full stack developer works on the front and back end development of a website, and gets involved in elements such as design and development, writing and testing code, creating servers and ensuring compatibility.

The Code Institute said: “Innovations in IT are driving up job vacancies in at a fierce rate, with roles for front-end developers alone set to increase a further 15% by 2026. Every sector, from food, furniture and fashion, to manufacturing, government, charities and creative considers technology to be at the core of its business growth. And therefore, at the centre of the recruitment strategy for any organisation, when it comes to bringing in new talent.

There is no such thing as a typical candidate for a career in software development, and even if you don’t end up in an IT role, software development skills reach far beyond a tech-based job. You will gain the essential skills needed in pretty much every job to update and fix web pages and blogs, as well as problem solving and analytical skills that will come into play in all aspects of on and offline professional life.

You can find out more about the Diploma in Web Application Development in partnership with the Code Institute.

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