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Give your skills a boost!

After a rather turbulent year for anyone who was counting on sitting A Level, GCSE or vocational exams, or found themselves unable to get that dream job, training or university, not everything is lost. City of Bristol College has a ‘no tuition fee offer’ on a range of Level 2 and 3 qualifications for anyone aged 18, even if they’ve just completed studies at the same level.

The wide-ranging course offer includes a variety of courses in exciting subjects such as engineering, IT, health and social care, aviation, chemistry, biology or construction trades. The college’s state-of-the-art facilities in all subjects coupled with expert teachers, offers a fantastic way to learn, train and enhance skills.

Celeste Indge, Careers and Progression Co-ordinator at City of Bristol College said: “Many young people have been affected by the consequences of the recent lockdown and changes of awarding this year’s GCSE, A Level and some BTEC grades. It is understandable that because of this, some of their plans won’t pan out the way they wanted it to.

“The college’s ‘no tuition fee offer’ means that most of those young people who find themselves unable to progress to their original destination, can now stay on studying for one more year, boosting their skills and qualifications and getting themselves to start fresh again the following year whilst being exempt from paying tuition fees. The team of careers advisers at City of Bristol College is on hand to help anyone make the best choice of study, ensuring it also complements their long term career ambitions.”

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