Bristol Graduates 2020
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Photoshoot to celebrate HE graduates

The Coronavirus pandemic was not going to stop City of Bristol College from providing its students with a graduation this half-term week when it partnered up with Marston Robings to offer a Covid-secure photoshoot.

Graduates from across the college’s five centres were invited to South Bristol Skills Academy, at Hengrove Park, today (Wednesday) for a photoshoot with their family.

The graduates put on their graduation hats and gowns and stood in front of the camera for solo and group photos before taking a few photos of their own.

The event saw 50 students from all areas visit the centre throughout the day and, to ensure the safety of all, were asked to wear face coverings and social distance when not in front of the camera.

Traditionally, the Higher Education Graduation is held at Bristol Cathedral, at College Green, in the middle of November where staff, peers, families and friends fill the pews to celebrate in the students’ years of hard work. Sadly, due to the current global pandemic, the event had to be cancelled and an alternative created in its place.

A City of Bristol College spokesman said: “Graduation is a right of passage for some students and is a real testament to the dedication and hard work they have put into gaining their degree. We couldn’t let such a momentous occasion be missed so started thinking of safe ways we could celebrate our students.

“We spoke with Marston Robings about our idea and they were all too happy to support us in this venture.

“It has been incredibly rewarding to see the smiles of our graduates and their families  and to watch as children and younger siblings looked up to their parents/siblings with adoration for their achievement. The feedback we have had from the day has been remarkable and we are overjoyed to have been able to offer this service in a safe and secure manner.”

Marston Robing’s Ceremony Manager and Photographer, Scott Ralston, said: “It has been great to be able to offer City of Bristol College’s graduates this opportunity to create a lifelong memory. The college really engaged with us for this venture and, as a result, we had the best outing to date.

“It was brilliant to be able to greet the students by name and take the time to really set up a photograph and make sure they are happy with the outcome before letting them spend a short time in their gowns and mortarboard hats with their families for their own photo opportunities.

“We hope we, along with City of Bristol College, were able to give the graduates something to remember, even if it isn’t from their official ceremony.”

Abdisalaan Ibrahim with his mother and sister.

Business Foundation student Abdisalaan Ibrahim said he was ‘very thankful’ to the college for providing the experience. He added: “It is a really wonderful experience to be able to come here today to celebrate with my family. It is indescribable and I am so grateful to the college for setting this up.” 

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** All photos were taken at a social distance and in their family bubble – following Government guidelines.

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