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Triple Distinction* for highest achieving Business student

A Business student who secured three Distinction* in her Level 3 qualification has been presented by the City of Bristol College’s Business and Professional Department with the Highest Achieving Student award for her course.

Nineteen-year-old Gemma Fear followed in her sister’s footsteps when she chose to study at City of Bristol College after opting to leave her initial college and transfer to City of Bristol College after the course sparked her interest.

Gemma explained: “My time at college has been everything I could have expected. I was supported with my work by tutors throughout and have felt confident in completing it to the best of my ability. All of my teachers shared helpful feedback and always kept me focused and on track to my targets. I am very proud of my dedication and hard work towards this qualification.”

At the moment, Gemma’s future plans are still forming, but she said she can now think more clearly about her various options. She added: “My tutors have always been there to talk to about further education and next steps, allowing me to share my views and uncertainties. I have been helped throughout my years at college with great support and guidance.”

Her lecturer, Katy Pearce, said: “The results Gemma received are a true reflection of the hard work and dedication she has put into this course. It has been amazing to watch her grown in confidence and competence over the past two years and I am excited to see what she does next.”

Speaking about the award, Gemma said: “I feel being awarded the ‘Highest Achieving Student’ accolade reflects my hard work throughout the two years at college. It shows my dedication has been recognised and I have finished the course knowing I have worked to the best of my abilities. I am really grateful to Zahid Gill, the Head of Business and Professional Services, and my tutors for this.”

The Business Level 3 course offers students the chance to learn all about the world of business. Through the course, students can expect to gain confidence, independence and be able to present themselves to potential employers as well as learn how to market products, communicate effectively and manage events.

Find out more about the Business Level 3 course here.

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