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Youth Strike 4 Climate on 28 February | College statement

As recently announced by the media, Greta Thunberg is leading Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate at College Green on Friday 28 February. Avon and Somerset Police have recently issued a statement regarding event security.

The college acknowledges that students may want to share their passion about this serious global issue and participate in the strike. At the same time, as an organisation our primary duty is to support and facilitate students’ progress and achievement. Therefore, students who are due to be in college on Friday 28 February are expected to attend their classes as normal. Please allow sufficient time for travel to and from our College Green centre; roads and public transport are likely to be affected by the strike.

Students who are planning to attend the strike action should follow advice from Avon and Somerset Police to ensure their safety.

As a part of students’ learning and development to become responsible and active members of our society, the college would like to encourage students to consider how college values of integrity, respect, ambition and pride can be used to aid learning, personal development and reflection on the climate emergency we face.

If you are a current student and have any ideas or concerns, please contact your study coach, personal tutor or the Students’ Union.

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